DIY T Shirt Embellished Neckline – Day 33

And here i’m going to share a very simple tutorial of how to do it yourself a refashion of your old boring t shirt into fancy and chick one in a just two steps. All you need to do is to add some artificial stones just to the collar of the simple t shirt and voila you are ready to wear it again. The hole point in this tutorial is just to show one way how you can still reuse and wear again old t shirts. This is just one simple idea of embellished collar of the t shirt, but you are free to try adding more details on other places by your choice. Try and write me what you’ve done.

DIY T Shirt Embellished Neckline Project needs: old t shirt, artificial stones, fabric glue.

This is really quick tutorial, and the steps are shown on the picture bellow.


All you need to do is first to mark the places where you want to place the stones. Than add the glue on the back side of each stone and sticking it in order. Wait the glue to dry. And that’s it:)

Credits for this DIY T Shirt Embellished Neckline Tutorial goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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