DIY T Shirt Flower – Day 15

This post is pretty simple and easy one, but i’m sure you will agree with me that this one is also another project worthy to be remembered and be part of this 365 DIY T Shirt project.Especially cause this is one of those no sew DIY t shirt projects.

DIY T Shirt Flower Project needs : t shirt, scissor, safety-pin.

This project is one easy and fast DIY project. As shown on the picture you need to cut thin lines of the t shirt. Best way is to make it in same width, to get more proper and identical flower. Get each part and roll around your arm. When you are finished wrap all together with one part on the middle. You are going the get bow from small t shirt ribbons. Cut on each side and start separating to form a bow. At the back end you can add some safety-pin and that’s all. You are ready to wear on your favorite sweater or any other piece.

Other interesting part is that you can use t shirt in one color, or make different colors so you get colorful bow, its totally up to you.



Credit for this DIY T Shirt Flowers project goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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