DIY t shirt into lace dress 3 interesting tutorials

For now on, i decided to write more posts about DIY t shirt refashion. I found it interesting,funny and of course on  budget project. Whenever i come up to something  worthy to write for, don’t worry i will write for and share with you. So here I am, sharing three interesting tutorials about how to DIY t shirt lace dress in simple way.

1.DIY t shirt top and create sexy dress lace

This one is very fashionable diy t shirt dress lace project. It is simple consist of adding some black lace up to that old black corset. And with couple of steps after, sewing the pieces you get perfect  and sexy dress lace t shirt top. And of course to complete the look you can combine with white tulle skirt. It will take you so little time, but you will be even more proud when wearing, cause you made it by your own. Just follow the steps from the pictures on how to do this DIY t shirt project, and give some  sexy look to your outfit.

DIY t shirt lace_top_dress diy_t_shirt_lace_top__dress_part1 diy_dress_t_shirt_lace_top_part2


2.DIY lace dress using old t shirts

My second choice goes to this post, where you can use some old t shirt as base of the dress. With applying some black lace  in five steps you get amazing black lace dress. Here are the steps for the DIY  t shirt project for lace dress. First cut the lace on two half pieces, using some old stretch t shirt to measure. Using some tiny  t shirt that you will be used as a dress base and make the front part (picture 4).Last step sew two parts. And enjoy 🙂 diy_t_shirt_dress_lace diy_lace_dress

3.Refashion your old gown with old lace t shirt in brand new lace dress

And my third choice goes to this project. I guess that you already have some old black gown that you’ve wear it at least once. And i bet that you don’t want to wear it again. My suggestion is to find some old lace t shirt and use this DIY t shirt project. Follow the steps from the image and you can get interesting new dress. You will need just scissors, some pins to help sewing and needle  with black  thread. First cut the gown dress, then pin the lace t-shirt from inside and sew easy. Voila you get your new dress for next occasion.



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