DIY T Shirt Lace Clutch – Day 32

I’m going to be really short in this post. Actually as all previous DIY T Shirt projects, everything is shown on the pictures and i think more and less hole point can be catch only by watching and following the steps from pictures. So in this DIY T Shirt Lace Clutch project i’m going to share with you very interesting way of reusing your old lace t shirt, and remodeling some old clutch.

DIY T Shirt Lace Clutch Project needs: lace t shirt, scissors, needle and thread, fabric glue and old clutch or you can use even some makeup bag.

Simple follow the steps from the pictures bellow and make a fancy cheap lace clutch. First cut of the seam of your tank top lace t shirt. . Next fold over the open flap to cover the clutch and cut off excess fabric along the outer edges of the clutch. Than turn inside out the fabric and sew the edges just as show on picture 3. Turn the fabric right side out so that the edges are seamless and slip your clutch into the lace shell. Turn the fabric right side out  and place the clutch into the lace shell. Glue down the fabric to the clutch and let dry.


Credits for this DIY T Shirt Lace Clutch tutorial goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Your Meg.

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