DIY T Shirt Maxi Dress – Day 47

This DIY T Shirt Maxi Dress post is going to be about recycling couple of old t shirt into a nice skirt or maybe dress. This project is perfect if you have some t shirt to get rid of them. Here, you are going to use 4 t shirts,and of course if some of the t shirt is already with some jag,than you can easily cut of that damaged part and used the other.

DIY T Shirt Maxi Dress tutorial needs: 4 t shirt (different color, optional), scissors, tape meter, sewing machine.

Steps for this tutorial are described here and also there is details about making this project on the picture bellow.

Basically the description is written on each picture. So the first step is to cut he hem of the t shirt.Than cut side seams of one side of the t shirt.Use the formula for the length on the 4th picture,Total length for skirt divided by 3. Stitch shirt bans together,lining up uncut side seams. Stitch together down size and trim all seams to prevent frying. More and lees here we are done with the skirt part for this DIY T shirt Maxi dress tutorial. Now its time to make the upper part. Cut the bottom part of the t shirt, and add some extra so you will use it for seam allowance. Than taper side seams in desired fit size.Than stitch the top with the skirt together.If you need the skirt to fit to the top than you can create small pin-tucks on skirt at center front sand back side And finally you are all done with your DIY T Shirt Maxi Dress Project. Follow the picture bellow for more details.

diy-t-shirt-maxi-dress step1 step2 step3 step4 step5 step6 step7 step8 step9 step10 step11

Credits for this DIY T Shirt Maxi Dress Tutorial goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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