DIY T Shirt Paper Bag Skirt -Day 22

Today choice goes to DIY T Shirt Paper Bag Skirt tutorial. This is another simple DIY project and making a paper bag skirt int just a few steps. All you need is an old man shirt. Regardless whether it is on long or short sleeves, either way you are going to cut of them.

DIY T Shirt Paper Bag Skirt Project needs: man t shirt, pins, iron, measuring tape, sewing machine, safety pin,elastic band, scissor.

First  step is to  pin all down by the buttons and sew it to be sure that the skirt will not open by itself while walking. Be careful not to sew the front with the back side of the shirt.


Than make the measure and cut the rest, just as shown on the picture.


Than next step is to fold the skirt over around 4” from the top and iron it.


Than sew a seam around the width of the skirt, making sure you leave about an inch and half to two inches open so that you can insert your elastic into the casing. If a button pops up while you’re sewing, just cut it off.

Use a safety pin to push the elastic through your newly created casing.


Than when your are done sew the both ends of the elastic.Go back and forth several times so that your elastic doesn’t come undone in your skirt.

And that is all in making this nice and interesting paper bag skirt.This is how the final look is


Credist for this DIY T Shirt Paper Bag Skirt goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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