DIY T Shirt Pattern Dress-Day 28

This post is again for making a nice dress but this your are going to make it by using a dress pattern for it.

DIY T Shirt Pattern Dress project needs: one man shirt button up, scissors, pins, dress pattern, some extra piece o other fabric for the belt.

The steps for making this project are shown on the picture bellow.

Cut of the all the parts that you are not going to use in the dress makeover. Continue with cutting of the sleeves at the shoulder seam. Next step is to  cut off the shirt at the yoke of the back, lining it up and cutting the front as well.  Keeping a very straight line.




Next step is to cut the bottom of the shirt off to give it an even hem and with that made the body of the shirt skirt-shaped, A-line-ish, tapering down to the hem.Than find some patter for making the dress, and the point in here is to use this shirt part as the basic material in making the dress. And that’s all for this DIY T Shirt Pattern Dress tutorial.


Credits for this DIY T Shirt Pattern Dress tutorial goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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