DIY T Shirt Pencil Skirt – Day 26

This tutorial is going to be for making fancy and sexy pencil skirt from men’s shirt. I just simple love this kind of pencil skirts, they are so elegant and sexy in the same time. So here am I talking about how to DIY a pencil skirt in a couple of steps.

Steps for this DIY T Shirt Pencil Skirt tutorial are shown and described bellow.

DIY T Shirt Pencil Skirt Project needs:men shirt(long or short sleeves), scissors, pins, sewing machine, other pencil skirt used as a pattern.

As material it is used a men’s shirt. I just simple love this part when i can reuse my men’s shirts:) I bet you will agree with me.



First cut of the sleeves, you are not going to need them at all.


And cut the upper part, the collar and neck line just as shown on the picture bellow.



Take your pencil skirt that you are going to copy from. And place just above the the ‘material’. And fold it down to center back, than cut around it.





Cut a front and back waistband.

diy-t-shirt-pencil-skirt-step8 diy-t-shirt-pencil-skirt-step9

Than sew down first sew the button up parts, so you can be sure  that is not going to open while wearing it. Leave the upper part with no sewing so it can be used instead of zipper.

diy-t-shirt-pencil-skirt-step10 diy-t-shirt-pencil-skirt-step11

And Sew the front and back together, hem the bottom.Sew the front and back waistbands together at the side seams, sew the lining to it along the top, and sew to the skirt itself. The placket is just the opening that makes the skirt able to go over your curvy bits.



The final look of this DIY T Shirt Pencil Skirt tutorial is shown on the pictures bellow.

diy-t-shirt-pencil-skirt-makeover-final diy-t-shirt-pencil-skirt-final

Credits for this DIY T Shirt Pencil Skirt goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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