DIY T Shirt Peplum Top – Day 24

This tutorial is again for remodeling your old mens t shirt that of course is over sized button up shirt for you. The point in this tutorial is to make brand new woman button up peplum tops shirt in just a few steps.  You can wear your men long sleeves shirt in a just adorable new way.I guess you have the desire just like me, so much to remodel my men t shirt 🙂

DIY T Shirt Peplum Top Project needs: men button up top, scissors, sewing machine, pins and elastic thread.

The before and after look of this tutorial can be seen on the picture below.


First thing to do is to cut of oversized shirt and than cut of the sleeves, after making proper measure on you, using pins mark where to sew on both sides so it will become fitted size.  Cut the arm opening to hit a half inch from where your shoulder seam will be. Do the same with the sleeves, make sure the openings of the sleeve and the top half of the shirt are the same length. Than next step to do is to take the bottom half and just gutter the cut end to your size. Re attache the sleeves  by following the steps from the pictures.Serge the raw edge and  top stitch the finished inside edge to just above the gathered seam. And that is all, of course you can follow the steps from the picture bellow, or for some extra information you can always go to direct post using the link bellow.

The final look of this amazing DIY T Shirt Peplum Top Tutorial is


Credits for this DIY T Shirt Peplum Top project goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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