DIY T Shirt refashion – Day 2

Day 2 of my 365 DIY t shirt project, and i choose one interesting project of recreating DIY T Shirt refashion of your old t shirt. It is simply and easy way a bit time consuming but believe me it worth for it :).

DIY T Shirt refashion Project needs:
2 t shirts,pins,  sewing machine(or you can make it by hand)

For this project you will need two t shirt, in best case the same color but it doesn’t meter if it is not, its up to you. Use one bigger and one smaller t shirt.  You can always follow the steps to make this project.

diy t shirt refashion

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Take the smaller and cut the sleeves if any and cut front and back part separately.Than pinch the fabric with your fingers and pull up and keep puling until you get desired length. When you finished lift the top fabric and place the bottom fabric a little bit under it and keep puling.When you finished with it place it on the begging on the base t shirt sew it on the edges. Than make curves in desired width sew it following the lines and cut the extra parts as you wish. And voila you finished your DIY T Shirt refashion and  your brand new t shirt is ready to be walking on the streets again.

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