DIY T shirt Refashion Ideas With Crochet Details

The summer is over and probably you are wondering what to do with your old t shirts. Or wondering whether to keep it for next season or not. Here are couple of examples how to reuse old t shirt, couple of interesting diy t shirt refashion ideas. All you need for this project is only your old t shirt without sleeves. And to make it more original some  crochet trim that will give different unique view of your old t shirt.

1. DIY t shirt refashion with small crochet trims

These first examples are made with small pieces of crochet where the trim is simply attached to the front or end of the t shirt. Also it will work same with small pieces of white lace. Just put together how think is the best and sew them above the tank. As you can see in the 3th and 4th picture the crochet is attached to the neck of the tank top t shirt. In couple of easy steps you get fancy new look tank top. At the end if you have some extra crochet than attached it to the bottom sides just as it shown on the first picture. It will give more authentic and interesting look.


2.DIY t shirt refashion with white lace

This examples are made with adding some parts on the back or inside. If you made it inside, than simple cut side seams and sleeves off if you use a tshirt (here is used a tank). And Sew front to back right sides together with the lace in the middle. Other example is with remodeling the back of the tshirt. Cut off the piece of the tank top tshirt as big as you want to remodel, or as your lace piece is big, and than just sew it above.Enjoy your time with these diy t shirt refashion ideas.



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