DIY T Shirt Remodel – Day 23

This post is for simple remodeling your old t shirt. It is all about making a bit different look at the back of the t shirt.

DIY T Shirt Remodel Project needs: old t shirt, scissor, buttons (optional),elastic, pins and sewing machine.


So you can find details about steps for this diy t shirt remodel tutorial.

First cut of on one edge of the t shirt. Than measure and cut of few inches bellow the bra line and cut of triangle form as shown on the second picture. Take the bottom piece and hem the top curved part under a quarter inch. Than gather with a piece of elastic, make the elastic the length that would sit comfortably from side seams to side seam to hit your lower back as shown on the next pictures.


Hem the neckline a quarter inch.Than fold the middle back piece to lay centered topstitch a rectangle over each edge. Hem the bottom of the back of the shirt. Pin and sew the shirt up on the side seams  making it overlap with the top piece.Than line up the side seams and cut out the bottom how you wish.At the end you just need to hem the bottom and add some buttons as decor, but of course this is optional step, you can wear it also with out any buttons.


And the final look for this amazing DIY T Shirt remodel project, of course comes to the end

diy-t-shirt-remodel-final diy-t-shirt-remodel

If the t shirt is a bit bigger than you can always first make it smaller proportional to your dimension with cutting of side extra parts. You can find some examples of making the t shirt smaller in some other previous DIY T Shirt tutorials in this category.

Credits for this DIY T Shirt Remodel tutorial goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Megi.

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