DIY T Shirt Ruffled Dress- Day 27

I’m going to talk about how to make a ruffled dress using some old t shirt that you have. And for this tutorial you are going to need also some material or even you can use some old skirt that you have.The point of this DIY T Shirt Ruffled Dress tutorial is to make a dress as a final point.

DIY T Shirt Ruffled Dress Project needs: two t shirt without sleeves,scissors, around 3 meter fabric, sewing machine or even you can make it by hand it is not too much complicated.

If the sleeveless T shirt is too long than you can use only one t shirt. And of course it depends on how many fuffles row you want to make. Also as in many previous project you can use your men t shirt. I simple adore those kind of project 🙂

So the final look is like on the picture bellow.


Steps for making this started with marking the t shirt just under the bust and leave proper width for the elastic, and cut the rest in stripes of around 7 cm.Than next step is optional you can connect all in one long stripe and sew on the both edges to prevent from the fraying. Than make the ruffles and pin it to the t shirt neckline. Next continue with the skirt, measure the length of the elastic to be enough comfortable and sew it couple of times.



After that prepare the skirt as shown on the picture bellow

diy-t-shirt-kilted-dress-step-7 diy-t-shirt-kilted-dress-step-8

You should get something as shown on the picture


Than connect both parts


To finish the look  of this DIY T Shirt Ruffled Dress projcet, made a sash with the left overs from the skirt, tube that need to be topstitch on both edges.And that’s all.


Some other example of the same project



Credits for this DIY T Shirt Ruffled Dress goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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