DIY T Shirt Rug – Day 21

And of course here is also another post about making rug from old t shirt. This idea is a bit different and there is no sewing or knitting, it is just made of cutting the t shirt on small pieces and places them on the base.

DIY T Shirt Rug Project needs : couple of t shirts, scissors or scalper.

Interesting part of this diy t shirt rug project is that you are going to get two ways of final look of this project its totally up to you how are you going to use it.

So for example this is one side how you can use the rug carpet.


And of course upside down is another way of using this diy rug carpet.



The steps for making this project are pretty simple. Just collect all different old t shirts that you have at home. And leave one t shirt for the base, pick it up the biggest one on which you are going to put the sliced of the t shirts. And the rest of the t shirt cut it on equivalent pieces.

step1-1 step1

Next step is to make on the base t shirt hole in the line in which you are going to put through the t shirt pieces.


And this is how it should look from one side


and from the other side


Credits for this DIY T Shirt Rug Tutorial goes here.

Enjoy your time and share a comments with me.


Yours Meg.





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