DIY T Shirt Summer Dress – Day 31

And here I am again with another interesting DIY T Shirt Summer Dress  tutorial, and in this post I’m going to share with a man’s shirt makeover into a summer dress. The tutorial is for making a dress for your girls, but as I already mention in some previous posts, the same can be use for making a nice dress for you. Try it and tell me 🙂

DIY T Shirt Summer Dress project needs: men’s shirt,scissors, material for making the pattern, ribbon tape, sewing machine.

So as the saying is one picture worth 1000 words, than in here i’m going to post the steps of this DIY T Shirt Summer Dress tutorial.  I think that you can easily get the point of this tutorial. And as i already said you can always go to the referral page, to check out the authors  explanation. My point of posting this kind of tutorials is to share with you on one place all interesting DIY T Shirt Project that i found and i will found. So at the end of this year we will finished with 365 DIY T Shirt projects. At the end of the year we will all have different DIY T Shirt project for each day.

So here are the steps for making this DIY T Shirt Summer Dress.

diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-pattern1 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-pattern diy-t-shirt-summer-dress-final-look

diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c2 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c3 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c4 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c5 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c6 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c7 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c7a diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c8 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c10 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c11 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c12 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c13 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c17

diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c18 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c19 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c23 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c24 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c28 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c29 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c31 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c33 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c36 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c39 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c41 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c44 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c46 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c49 diy-t-shirt-summer-dress-c50

diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c52 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-53

diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c54 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c57 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c61 diy-t-shirt-plaid-dress-c64 diy-t-shirt-summer-dress-c65



Credits for this DIY T Shirt Summer Dress project goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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