DIY T Shirt to Tank – Day 51

DIY T Shirt to Tank is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of your old T Shirt and get a new modern tank top without spending any money.

For this DIY T Shirt to Tank project you will need an old  T Shirt, a pair of scissors and a sewing kit.

DIY T Shirt to Tank

Start this DIY T Shirt to Tank project by making five cuts each sleeve just inside the seam, one straight across just underneath the collar, one that trims the bottom hem off and one that creates a drawstring just above where the hem is removed

After the first step on the DIY T Shirt to Tank project, the next three steps are pretty easy and simple, you need to pin the shirt where you want to thread it later, stitch that part and just thread it and tie it.

DIY T Shirt to Tank

You can see in the picture below that you need just two lines of stitching, that is it! It is really simple and it is really easy. With this step you are almost done with your new DIY T Shirt to Tank project.


DIY T Shirt to Tank

In this last picture you can see how your DIY T Shirt to Tank should look like at the end.

DIY T Shirt to Tank

You can choose any type of shirt that you want, one color or multicolor one, with or without any applications. The best thing is that you don’t really need an oversized T Shirt because  you’re not removing any width.

For this project you will need less than 30 minutes of your time! You can have cool new tanks that you can wear everywhere without having to spend any money.

Cool, isn’t it?

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