DIY T Shirt Toddler Dress – Day 30

This post is going to be again for making a dress for our well beloved girls. But of course feel free to make it by your own for you and share your ideas.

DIY T Shirt Toddler Dress Project needs: old t shirt (dress),chalk, sewing machine, some fabric for sash, pins

So as always you can follow the steps described and shown on the picture bellow.


The easiest way to figure out the pattern is to use some old dress that it is fitting.


Trace around the dress on one side, giving a 1 inch buffer for your seams. Than continue with folding the shirt in half,pin it the edges to be easier for you and cut on the marked lines. Than unfolded it and turn it inside out. You can use overcasting stitch for protecting from frying and continue with sewing





Time to turn your shirt right side out. Voila! It should look like a dress now.Even in this time of DIY T Shirt Toddler Dress project you are more or less done, but in my opinion it looks more nice with the final sash 🙂


Find a piece of fabric you like and make  a nice belt from it as shown on the picture bellow.


Pin it to the dress and sew it.

diy-t-shirt-step8 step9

The final look is as shown bellow


Credits for this DIY T Shirt Toddler Dress project goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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