DIY T Shirt Twirly Dress -Day 29

This project is all about making a nice twirly dress for your girl. I will just simple say that this tutorial is for making a dress for a girl but you can always try the same for you also. T steps are same just use bigger size materials and t shirts. Follow the steps described on the picture bellow for doing this DIY T Shirt Twirly Dress project, and of course always you can refer to the link of original post.

DIY T Shirt Twirly Dress Project needs: one t shirt, fabric, scissors, sewing machine, some pins and measure tape.

Here bellow you can find proper steps how to the the dress.



Materials for this tutorial, t shirt in proper size and fabric for making the skirt.


First, chop your t-shirt in half.  Keep or toss the bottom half. Measure the width of your shirt, and multiply that by 2. Make sure that when you folded it, there will be enough fabric left over for a sash at the end. Then, measure from the corner fold out to your radius. For more details in this measurement refer to link bellow. When the measurement is ready attach the shirt to the fabric. slip your t-shirt into your skirt, and pin them together.




continue with sewing the skirt


And than sew the shirt together with the skirt. And more or less you can be done with this DIY T Shirt Twirly Dress tutorial. The final look till now is as shown on the picture bellow.


But in this example we are going to make a sash. So start with making one with leftover fabric.


If you need to sew sash pieces together, do so first.  Then, fold your sash piece in half right sides together, hot-dog style.When you are done  turn it right side out using a dull pencil or chop stick.



Iron, and then hand-stitch your opening closed. Than attach to the dress.


And sew it. With this you get to the final look of this DIY T Shirt Twirly dress project.


Credits for this DIY T Shirt Twirly Dress project goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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