DIY T Shirt Twisted Headband – Day 36

And here is another DIY T Shirt Twisted Headband Project similar to previous one. The difference is that in this tutorial you are going to make a bi different headband. In previous one, we were cut the t shirt and braided it, in this one we are going to make it from bigger pieces and just twisted together.

DIY T Shirt Twisted Headband project needs: one t shirt, scissors, needle and thread (or sewing machine).

The steps are shown on the picture bellow. First cut of two equals parts as shown on the first picture. For this step maybe you should measure your head size, or if you used stretch t shirt than you won’t have problems. Than on next picture is shown you should proceed fold up the parts make an x, and than connect each one. At the end take both (4) edges and sew them either with sewing machine or by hand. And that’s all.


Credits for this DIY T Shirt Twisted Headband tutorial goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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