DIY T Shirt Valentines -Day 37

This post is about making a lovable t shirt for you valentine’s soul mate. This is also another DIY T Shirt no sew idea. Inspired by all these valentines ideas i just wanted to share a very interesting tutorial of reusing old and simple t shirt and make love surprise for your soul mate. I’m definitely doing this for my  man.

DIY T Shirt Valentines Project needs: two t shirt, scissors, pencil, paper and red fabric color.

All you need  to the is to make a half heart pattern and place it on the left edge of the t shirt as shown on the picture bellow.



Next step to the is to color out the area inside the heart with the red fabric color.


Now take the other t shirt and make the same procedure but this time use right side of the t shirt. Also you can repeat the same procedure on the back so you get complete heart on each t shirt.

And that’s all. You are done with this DIY T Shirt Valentines Project and ready for sharing some love:)

diy-t-shirt-valentines diy-t-shirt-valentines-complete

Credits for this DIY T Shirt Valentines Tutorial goes here.

Enjoy your time and share some love:)

Yours Meg.


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