DIY Elegant And In Style T Shirt Vest

DIY T Shirt Vest project is the Day 58 project. In this project we will show you how to make a cool new vest in just 5 minutes from an old T Shirt.

The only things you will need for the DIY T Shirt Vest project  are an old T Shirt and a pair of scissors.

DIY T Shirt Vest

Start by laying the T Shirt down on a flat surface. With a marker make marks where you need to cut. The next step is follow the marks and make the cuts.

Here is how it is supposed to look like.

DIY T Shirt Vest

Here is how the T Shirt Vest is supposed to look now after you’ve made the cuts.

DIY T Shirt Vest

To be more precise, here is a video tutorial. You can use this video to learn how to make this 5 minute  T Shirt Vest step by step. It is really simple and easy. You can choose an old T Shirt of any color or any size.

Watch the video here.

Here is how the DIY T Shirt Vest looks after.


And here is another picture of it.


You can see from the next two pictures that even though there is a bare back, it still covers the most important parts.

DIY T Shirt Vest

You can combine this DIY T Shirt Vest with a cool large jewelry or some glittery earrings. It will look amazing.

DIY T Shirt Vest

The best thing about this vest is that you can use it also as a scarf.

DIY T Shirt Vest

Just wrap it around your neck and pull one end through the hole.

DIY T Shirt Vest

This is an extremely easy and simple project. You can make it in no time, you will spend nothing and you will gain two new pieces of clothing.

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