DIY T Shirt with Bow Sleeves

DIY T Shirt with Bow Sleeves tutorial is the one we chose to present to you for Day 78 Project. This is a cute and easy way to turn your old T Shirt into a cute looking new one.

For this DIY T Shirt with Bow Sleeves project you will need an old T Shirt, a pair of scissors and a sewing kit.

DIY T Shirt with Bow Sleeves

Start by chopping off the sleeves and then cut off the cuffs on each sleeve. Continue with cutting straight up the sleeves from one end to the other on the underside.

The next step is to gather each sleeve and wrap the cuff around the middle to form the bows. Sew the bows on to the shoulders and stitch parts of the folds of the bow on the top so that it would drape nicely over the shoulder.

You can leave the raw edges of the holes of the arms as they are, because they look just fine.

Finished Product

That is it, your refashioned T Shirt is now done. If you want to, you can use your imagination and take this a step further and add extra details, especially if you are using a plain T Shirt. The best thing that you can do is add ruffles, beads, rosettes, flowers, or even lace or buttons.

After - Picture

This is a very easy to make T Shirt and you will use all the material that you previously cut. If you want to, you can even match two shirts and use the sleeves from one to sew on the other and combine the colors. If you choose the right colors it might look amazing.

You will need less than 30 minutes to make this cute DIY T Shirt with Bow Sleeves.

Credits for this DIY T Shirt with Bow Sleeves project goes here.

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