DIY T Shirt Wrap Skirt

For Day 93 we choose DIY T Shirt Wrap Skirt tutorial. Interesting way how to refashion old t shirt into nice elegant wrap skirt.


For this DIY T Shirt Wrap Skirt project you will need: old t shirt, two buttons, scissors,needle and thread and tape. This is also a kind of DIY t shirt no sew project, cause only the buttons are going to be sew nothing else.


At the very begging get the tape and mark the t shirt right under the arms. Use the tape as a marker where you should cut off. Just as show on the picture bellow.


Than next step is to place the tape on the middle of the skirt, and cut of vertical line on the front part.


Now its time to put the skirt on your waist and mark with chalk where you want to place the buttons. And mark where you want to tie.


Make some strip from the rest of the t shirt, or you can use some ribbon instead, its up to you.


Than next step is to place the button and sew it by hand. And after sewing it mark the skirt where the two parts meets  and cut a very small hole, where the button will go trough.


And you are all done with this project. Take a final look on this DIY T Shirt Wrap Skirt project on the next picture.


Enjoy your time.

Credit for this DIY T Shirt Wrap Skirt tutorial goes here.

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