DIY T Shirt Zipper Detail – Day 14

Hi there, today my idea is to share another interesting DIY T Shirt Zipper Project. Or more exactly it is a way how to refashion your old so comfort t shirt in some other fancy and chic way. It is about adding zipper as a part of the t shirt edge.

DIY T Shirt Zipper Detail Project needs : one t shirt, double zipper, sewing machine, scissor and optional pliers.

Follow the picture and you get to the final idea.

First step is to remodel the double zipper, or make one if you don’t have. Cause mostly the double zippers go the other way,  first step is to make it in  opposite way. So the only thing to do is to pried the little stoppers off the end and pulled another zip through and it’s double sided.


Take your favorite comfort t shirt and cut the shoulders and sleeves if any just like on the picture below. The point is to cut in the proper dimension as the length of the zipper.Than next step is to sew the zipper on the both sides.




Than sew the sides to get compact t shirt model.



Credits for this DIY T Shirt Zipper Details post goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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