DIY T-strap Sandal Ideas

During the summer days, wearing a cool pair of sandals is really a great idea. If you think your shoes are old or you haven’t got any pair of t-strap sandals, you won’t miss the post. We will be showing you some cool ideas of how to fix your old sandals. If you want to save some money for other items, you can try this DIY T-strap Sandal Ideas. They are easy but they need time to become perfect of course. They require time and your patience.

We all know that DIY projects can save money and make something useful again. Scroll below to see the DIY T-strap Sandal Ideas that we’ve prepared for you.

1. Ribbon Bow Sandals

With only a few cheap supplies and a few simple steps, a new pair of shoes are ready for you.

DIY T-strap Sandal Ideas

2. Leather Fringe Sandal

What’s nice about this DIY is that it’s removable so you don’t have to dedicate your favorite pair of sandals to a permanent make over, just a temporary one if you like.

 Supplies: Sandals with thin straps, leather, Velcro.
 Pantry Supplies: Sturdy craft glue, scissors.
DIY T-strap Sandal Ideas

3. Ankle Strap Sandals

How lovely is this? You need only 3 things: your old pair of flip-flops, scissors, and a piece of colorful fabric.

DIY T-strap Sandal Ideas

4. Up-cycled Convertible Sandals

Who doesn’t love the idea of convertible anything? One item of clothing that can be worn in many different ways is simply genius! The perfect summer sandal that can have many different fabric straps that are easily switched to go with any outfit.

DIY T-strap Sandal Ideas

5. Ruffle Up Your Sandals

This is a super cute DIY sandal idea! By taking your plain t-strap sandals and adding folded fabric circles you get cute ruffles. What feet wouldn’t love a little ruffle detail!

DIY T-strap Sandal Ideas

You can find Step-by-Step Article in this link.

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