DIY Workout T Shirt – Day 52

For this DIY Workout T Shirt project we decided to show you how to make a workout T Shirt. It is good for the summer, you won’t need to spend extra money, and you can turn something old into something new.

For this DIY Workout T Shirt you will need 15 minutes of your time, an old T Shirt and a pair of scissors.

DIY Workout T Shirt

Start with getting an old T Shirt, choose your favorite color, with or without any applications on it.

Cut away the ribbed neckline and bottom hem. When it comes to the sleeves, cut downwards starting from the shoulder, determining how thick you want your straps. Cut straight down and then begin to curve down below the armpit seam.

After you are done with that, the next step to the DIY Workout T Shirt project is to decide how low you want your front neckline, and cut away.

Turn the shirt to the back and make a narrower racerback.  Then cut a deep “V” shape from the top neckline.

These are basically the first three steps, you can see how it looks in the pictures above.

The next thing you need to do is stretch the bottom hemline that you cut,  until it becomes one long string of fabric. This could be a pretty fun thing to do.

At about 2 or 3″ above the bottom of the V shape, tie a knot and wrap the string all the way down around the center of the racerback, and back up to meet the other ends. Knot the ends together and cut off the loose ends.

The last step of the DIY Workout T Shirt – if you want to make this a high-low top, you need to lay your shirt sideways and flat it. Starting at about 4 to 5″ from the front of your shirt, start cutting diagonally until you reach the back.

DIY Workout T Shirt

Here is how your DIY Workout T Shirt is supposed to look like.

You are now done! Now you have a DIY Workout T Shirt! This might look like something more complicated, but it is really easy. Try it and enjoy your new T Shirt.

DIY Workout T Shirt

Credits for this DIY Workout T Shirt project goes here.

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