Fashion Goes 100 Years Back

Fashion is changing everyday in the most creative ways. We’ve seen many interesting things and some of you might have also experienced it at some point in your life. We’re taking a stylish walk down memory lane with a side-by-side look a women’s and men’s fashion from 1915 to now. Whether you like vintage dainty and dandy or prefer the wacky wonders of 1980’s style, this gals-versus-guys recap is sure to stun. This battle of the sexes is one for the ages when Fashion Goes 100 Years Back.

Have you ever wondered how Fashion looked like a century ago? Here is an interesting video where you can clearly see how fashioned changed through the years and it’s way back around. Check out the Fashion Goes 100 Years Back video.

The viral clip comes from the lifestyle blog Mode, and starts in 1915, with a model wearing a long-sleeved, emerald green dress and swinging a parasol before zipping along to 1925, where she changes into a Gatsby-esque look complete with a cloche hat and white gloves, an outfit perfect for the jazz age. A denim jumpsuit brings us back to the 70’s and a floral mini dress with a black choker remind us of popular fads from the 90’s.

Fashion Goes 100 Years Back

Fashion in 1915

Fashion Goes 100 Years Back

Fashion in 1935

The video runs through 11 looks — one for each decade between 1915 and 2015, demonstrating how often fashions change and trends are recycled. And there are props, too. Following the war, fashion saw a resurgence of haute couture. Christian Dior’s “New Look” silhouette was characterized by a small, nipped-in waist and full skirt falling below mid-calf length. Fashion in the 70’s was eclectic! Sometimes natural and easygoing, but other times glitzy and vibrant. Hello, 80’s! Bigger was better, with big hair, big jewelry, big color, and bright makeup. Fashion Goes 100 Years Back is truly an adventure.

Fashion Goes 100 Years Back

Fashion in 1955

Fashion Goes 100 Years Back

Fashion in 1975

Who even knows what was going on in the early 2000’s. Nowadays anythings goes.

Fashion Goes 100 Years Back

Fashion in 2015

Source: Mode

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