Fashion joins 3D Technology

Tech in fashion has advanced artistic creation. When it comes to it, it’s difficult to follow every step. Both, fashion and technology are changing every day. Technology achieved its top spot with the 3D Printing, lasers, cutting and computer generated, weaving and patterns.

People have a fear of machines. A fear that progress can go too far, that our creations can be the reasons of our destruction. Your opinion on “Fashion joins 3D Technology”?

Machines are described like humans. They have hearts and brains. However, they lack emotions and humanity. At the Costume Institute at the Met’s exhibition, Manus x Machina is the machine that presents utopian creation. The exhibition is about the discovery into the act of creating beautiful clothes. Unlike previous exhibitions that focused on individuals or thematic trends, this gives a look at the processes while Fashion joins 3D Technology.

Fashion joins 3D Technology

3D printing in fashion

Man and machine can’t live one without the other. From the simple tool of the needle for sewing, to the complex machinery behind 3D Printing. Machines can’t work without man’s hand, while man can’t create what the machine can. Fashion and technology have a relationship that pushes each other further in the future. It’s no wonder that fashion aligns well with the technology. That is why fashion becomes one with technology.

Watch the Fashion joins 3D Technology video to learn about the future of fashion.

Fashion joins 3D Technology

Iris Van Herpen 3D

But that future is far off, according to Rothenberg. He is an engineer developing software to help others build better 3-D printed parts. He has worked with fashion designers in the past, providing the shapes that designers used to print their creations. 3-D printing could be revolutionary, said Eric Wilson, just not in the way we’d expect it to be.

Fashion and technology become one

3D printed dress

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