Hair Bow Tutorials Make out of your Hair

For this post i decided to write about tutorials on how to make a bow out of your hair. Lately i can found so many interesting ways how to dress up your long hair. If you have already long or medium hair you can find very useful this diy hair bow tutorials. I’m sure you can find your favorite one, either it is simple hair bow bun, or it is mixed up with some braid… If you want to know how to create your very own hair bow hairstyle, go forward. Hereā€™s a quick step by step guide to create your own hair bow. Enjoy it šŸ™‚

1.DIY Hair bow tutorials for bun

First of all pull your hair in high ponytail. When it is done make a large loop using elastic, more and less to the half of the ponytail. with the rest of the hair you will secure the bow. Separate the loop in two identical parts. Take the remaining of hair of loop and wrap in the center of the bow. You can secure the parts with bobby pins. At the end comb easily the bow parts and use hair spray to make it more fixed. And that’s it. Have fun.

hair_bow_tutorials hair_bow_tutorials_bun

2.DIY Hair bow tutorials as half up-dos

This and other tutorials also, are more and less same as the first one. Here in the first step you should take just two parts from the front hair and using elastic wrap it together.The remaining part is same. Make a loop, now it can be smaller. Separate the hair loop in two parts and with remaining hair wrap the hair bow in the center. The only important thing is to be careful and try to make identical both parts of the hair bow to look more authentically.


3.Ponytail DIY Hair bow tutorials

As shown in the picture above, first back comb the middle of the hair to make more sophistic look. Than take make low ponytail. With the half of the hair make loop. Than separate loop in two parts and make the hair bow.If you want to make the hair bow more easily , before wrapping the loop you can use hair spray at that part of the hair and than starting the procedure.


4.DIY Hair bow tutorials with braid on the back

This tutorials shows you how to diy hair bow with braid on the back. First start to make Ā french braid Ā starting at the top of your neck and ending close to the crown of your head. ThanĀ the rest of the unbraided hair pull into a high ponytail. And others steps you already know from prevoius hair bow tutorials.Make the loop, separate and than wrap it.


5.DIY Hair bow tutorials with fishtail

This tutorials shows you how to combine classic fishtail with mini hair bows. And you can do it by simple dropping some thin parts from the hair while making the fishtail. When you are done with it, use the parts to make mini hair bow on the fishtail.


6.Celebrities wearing hair bow

We are sure you’ve seen this famous hair bows among some celebrities, like Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga. and here they are.

lady_gaga_hair_bow paris-hilton-hair-bow

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