Interesting hair tutorials for half-up updos

Here you can find two interesting ways how to make half-up updos . The tutorials are for medium to long hair,where in just couple of simple steps you can make your hair to look nice and elegant. One is with twist crossed half-up updos style and other is with plait half-up updos.

1.Hair tutorial for twist crossed curly half-up updos hair style

Starting with curling the hair. Split in two parts.Take the first above section of the hair and make back comb, and make it as much as you think is enough high and strength. Use some hair-spray to make it stronger and lasting longer.After that comb the section gently on the hair surface. Use some boby pins to make the half-up updos at the back. Follow the tutorial bellow to get this hair style in just nine steps.

ymakeCurlyHair backcombHair half-up updos ponytail

2.Plait half-up updos hair style

Here is how you can make your medium long hair with simple plait. Following the pictures bellow you will make this in couple simple steps. First start with sectioning off the hair and split the section into three equal pieces and begin your plait (braid) and form it as normal. You will need to do  crossing the left over the middle and the right over the left. After that you should drop a section free from the braid and let it hang down and repeat the same steps on other side. For  pinning   across the back of the head in a low half-crown hairstyle use bobby pins.

plaitHairStyleTutorial plait half-up updos halfupUpDo-plaitHairStyle


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