Lace Sleeved DIY T Shirt

With the Lace Sleeved DIY T Shirt project you can learn how to turn an old T Shirt into a new, elegant, modern and classic T Shirt. This project is the one we chose for day 75.

For this Lace Sleeved DIY T Shirt project you will need an old T Shirt, a pair of scissors, lace and a sewing kit.

What you Need

It is preferred to choose a shirt with a rolled sleeve.

Start this Lace Sleeved DIY T Shirt project by pinning the lace on the inside part of the sleeves, in a way that it pokes out. Make sure that you stitch only through one layer of the sleeve.

Lace Sleeved DIY T Shirt

After you placed the pins to hold the lace in place and after you made sure that that is how you want your T Shirt to look, the next thing you need to do is sew the lace in place.

Sewing the Lace

Be careful when you sew the lace, you don’t want the thread to be seen on the outside part of the sleeve, so when you do that, sew only through the first – inside part of the sleeve.

Make sure that the lace will stay in place, and if it is needed, repeat the sewing, while making sure that the thread does not show on the outside part.

Repeat the same thing on the other sleeve.

Final Product

That is it, you are now done with your Lace Sleeved DIY T Shirt project. And you did all that in just three easy steps. If you want to, you can add lace on the bottom part of the T Shirt, or even around the collar, that all depends on you.

Use your imagination and pick laces with different colors and combine them with a cool T Shirt.

Here is how the finish product looks.

Finished Product

And here is the whole tutorial in one picture.

Lace Sleeved DIY T Shirt Tutorial

Credits for this Lace Sleeved DIY T Shirt project goes here.

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