Red envelope bag for chic look

When speaking for bags i love red ones, it doesn’t matter what size or shape they are. For this post i choose bags in envelope form. I think that this kind of bag simple goes in every occasion.

1.Red envelope bag with black high heels

If asking me,with wearing red envelope bag, i always feel fancy, elegant but chic.  With simple black or red high heel and feel sure of oneself. This is one of must have combination.


2.Red envelope leather bag

If you are one of those who are in loved with leather bags, try this red clutch bag. Its simple but it is your best detail that you can take with you,while walk to the city.


3.Animal pattern print bag

I think that every women has at least one animal pattern print bag in her closet. And of course mine choice goes to this gorgeous red envelope. And look those bracelets, they are  just like one big ‘fatter’. But with the combination of the bag it looks like big panther miss goes on street walk.


4. Lacquer Red envelope bag

And of course, another bag that every woman must have is lacquer bag.

red_lacquer _bag

5.Legendary chanel styled bag

And to complete the story, of course chanel bag is here for you. Can you notice that in these combination with red envelope bags, there is nothing else red on the outfit, but still its suites perfect.


6.Red envelope bag with ornament design

This is another interesting design with ornaments pattern. Perfect for work outfit.


7.Red envelope bag in casual look

Can’t get out of your casual look. Don’t worry, here is combination just for you. Put your favorite jeans,with simple black and white blouse and jacket. Get your envelope bag and put scarf in same color. And there is still ways how to use my red envelope bag in everyday style.



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