Ruffled DIY T Shirt

Ruffled DIY T Shirt tutorial is the tutorial for Day 88. This step by step tutorial will show you how to turn your old T Shirt into a wonderful new one in a few simple and easy steps.

For this Ruffled DIY T Shirt project you will need an old T Shirt, elastic, pins, scissors, safety pin, ruler and a sewing machine.

What you Need

Start by turning your T Shirt inside out.

Inside Out

Fold the bottom hem of your tee over 5 ¾ inches and pin. This will be the ruffle on the top of your shirt.

Folding the Shirt

Sew half an inch seam on the top of your T Shirt and leave half an inch open to insert your elastic. Measure your elastic around your upper chest, pull it a little tight and leave half an inch to an inch extra to overlap and sew.


The next step of this Ruffled DIY T Shirt project is to attach your safety pin to one end of your elastic and feed it through your seam.

Insert Safety Pin

Once your elastic is all the way through sew your 2 ends together and sew your seam closed.

Half Way Done

What you need to do next is cut the neck off making a straight cut across what will now be the bottom of your top.


Then cut the sleeves off of your shirt.

Cutting the Sleeves Off

Pin your sides and sew a straight seam down each of your sides. You can take your sides in as much or as little as you want.


The next step is to trim the excess fabric off after you sew your seam.


You can leave the bottom edges raw or you can fold and sew them.

Ruffled DIY T Shirt

You are now done with your Ruffled DIY T Shirt project.

Here is how the finished product looks.

Finished Product

Credits for this Ruffled DIY T Shirt project goes here.



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