Sexy Lace Denim Shorts DIY Ideas

I know that the summer is over, but this is great project if you have some old jeans at home. These Sexy Lace Denim Shorts DIY  Ideas are dedicated to making your old jeans into nice new sexy lace shorts. Its easy and fast project, without any special requirements.


For this Sexy Lace Denim Shorts DIY Ideas you will need: shorts (old jeans that you can cut and make them shorts:), lace, scissor, pins, needle and yarn.


If you have old jeans than first step is to cut of near the heap. Than next steps are shown on the picture above. First for making these sexy lace denim shorts it to cut a triangle through the both edges. Make sure you have enough lace to cover the holes that you made. Maybe is best first to measure and make the triangle depend on the lace pieces measurement. Than using the pins place the lace properly, and sew it. And you are all done with this making your sexy lace denim shorts.

To make it more clear i found also some other examples, so look at the picture bellow also.


And here are also some other sexy lace denim shorts ideas. The difference is that here the lace is added a bit more on the bottom edges.


And another sexy lace denim shorts is the ones bellow. This is one is different just with that you need to attach the lace on the bottom edge from the front to the end.  Don’t need to make any triangle holes, just make the shorts with the desired length and pin the lace tape, than sew it. You have to admit that you can’t hesitate and you are going to make this at home just like me.


Enjoy your time. And share your ideas with us.

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