Side Laced-Up DIY T Shirt

Day 85 project is the Side Laced-Up DIY T Shirt tutorial. This tutorial will show you how to update your T Shirt and make it even hotter. This T Shirt is perfect for the summer and it will make you look sexy.

For this Side Laced-Up DIY T Shirt project you will need an old T Shirt, a pair of scissors, ribbon, ruler and chalk.

This is a no sew project, so it will take you less than 15 minutes to make it.

Choose an old T Shirt, it could be in just one color or a multicolored one.

Start by cutting the T Shirt on the sides. It is the best if you use a shirt with sleeves, you can cut the sleeves off, but just to make it tank top, and not a tube top.

The next step is to take the ruler and measure the sides of your T Shirt, with chalk mark on every 2 inches.

You will probably get 3-4 marks on every side.

Side Laced-Up DIY T Shirt

The next step for this Side Laced-Up DIY T Shirt project is to make the cuts. Be careful when you do this, because you don’t want to end up with holes that are too big.

If you want to, you can add metal eyelets on each hole to make the shirt even better.

The final step is to add the ribbon. You can use a ribbon in the same color as the shirt, or in different. If you had a T Shirt with sleeves, when you cut the sleeves, you can cut two strips and then just stretch them to get one really long stripe and use that stripe as a ribbon.

You are now done with your Side Laced-Up DIY T Shirt project.

It was really easy, wasn’t it?

Credits for this Side Laced-Up DIY T Shirt project goes here.

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