Simple DIY T-shirt Makeover

We all have those boring white t-shirts that we wear only at home or to sleep with. It’s time to fix those boring t-shirts. It’s time to wear them outside your home. We are all aware how simple and small details can affect us. This is exactly the same. A small and simple piece of lace can make a big difference. Your white shirt may even have the chance to become your favorite one. Follow the steps below of this Simple DIY T-shirt Makeover.

Simple DIY T-shirt Makeover

If you are bored of your simple white tees go ahead and check out this Simple DIY T-shirt Makeover. In just a few steps and literally no cost you can have your t-shirt redesigned in no time.

Supplies needed for this Simple DIY T-shirt Makeover:

White T-shirt, a few pieces of lace, needle, thread and scissors.

Simple DIY T-shirt Makeover

The first step is to choose where exactly to put the lace. After that cut the sleeves. What’s important here is that you need to pay attention while cutting the sleeves. The piece that you cut use it as a template to the another sleeve (reverse side).

Secure it with pins and cut the other sleeve gently. Place the lace where it should be on the sleeves and fix it with pins. Start sewing (as the edge on the sleeve becomes).

Pay attention to the placement of lace at the other sleeve. Make sure the lace have the opposite direction of the first sleeve (as if mirrored). After that simply sew the pieces of lace up on the sleeves. And you are done!

Have it also in mind that if you have left some pieces of lace, you can add them on another place on the tee. It would look nice on the bottom side of the tee or maybe in the back. After you are the done the sleeves will look like the photo below.

Simple DIY T-shirt Makeover

Credits for this Simple DIY T-shirt Makeover goes to Chic Compass. For more details visit the link.

Thank you for visiting and reading. I hope you enjoyed.  

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