Step-by-step Bra Refashion

One of the most annoying things about buying bras is that even though they can be pretty pricey, they also tend to wear quickly. When you find a favorite bra, you wear it a lot, and it inevitably gets stretched out or dirty, no matter how often you wash it. But getting rid of a bra just because it’s a little old looking feels like a total waste of money!

These Step-by-step Bra Refashion tutorials are all pretty easy, and they’ll allow you to turn an old bra into something that feels like new. You can take an older bra or a bra you don’t wear very often and turn it into a cute bandeau.

Add some straps and make it look awesome underneath a loose tank top. You can even transform it into a unique bathing suit! Read this Step-by-step Bra Refashion article bellow to find out some amazing ways of updating your old bra.

1. Elastic Strappy Bra

Here’s a really simple DIY to convert your old/new bras into new elastic and fancy strappy ones! I find this especially useful for when the bands have stretched out and the bra no longer fits well. The tri-strap also looks great layered under loose tanks and low-back dresses! No more ugly bra straps peeking out!

Materials you need for this tutorial: Elastic, an old bra with removable straps, scissors, sewing materials.

Step-by-step Bra Refashion

Find out the steps on Operation Overhaul.

2. Swimsuit Top From an Old Bra

It would be a shame to throw away an old bra when you can reuse it and create a fashionable swimsuit top you can show off in at the beach or pool. Don’t spend money on new swimsuits without any reason, instead use the money for other things you need and want. This project it’s quick and easy and you can play with your creativity here. It doesn’t require a lot of time just some sewing skills.

Materials you need for this tutorial: old bra, lace, sewing kit, scissors.

Step-by-step Bra Refashion

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3. Wedding inspired summer top

Inspired by the big day, but perfect to wear on at the seaside or under summery jackets and blouses.

Materials you need for this tutorial: Lace, nude bra, scissors, fabric glue.

Step-by-step Bra Refashion

Find out the steps on One O.

 4. Cage Harness Bra

You need a few simple items for this DIY and everything was hand sewn.

Materials you need for this tutorial: Plain Black Bra, Black Elastic 8 mm Wide, Needle and Black Thread, Scissors, Pins, Small Jump Hoop or Ring.
Step-by-step Bra Refashion
Find out the steps on This fashion is mine.

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