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Step-by-step Bra Refashion

One of the most annoying things about buying bras is that even though they can be pretty pricey, they also tend to wear quickly. When you find a favorite bra, you wear it a lot, and it inevitably gets stretched out or dirty, no matter how often you wash it. But getting rid of a bra just

8 Easy No Sew DIY Tutorials

When it comes to fashion and clothing, there’s absolutely no reason to love a good style hack. Especially if all it takes is a few simple cuts and ties, and not a sewing machine at all. Here are 8 Easy No Sew DIY Tutorials that will let you create stunning pieces of fashion and transform

Step by Step DIY Heels Redesign

Here is another great idea to inspire you and awaken your creativity. There are million interesting DIY ideas on the internet that can help us improve our DIY skills and techniques, make our free time more interesting and fun, and enrich our closet in no time, without spending a fortune. For today, I have made

DIY No-Sew Summer Hacks

We are all so happy and excited about summer. It means sunny days, beach, sand, fun, cocktails and long relaxing days. We’ve come with a few great ideas about fulfilling some of your summer days. What’s summer without cool summer clothes and accessories? Keep your money in the pocket and try this DIY No-Sew Summer

5 ways to refashion your old bikini

The warm days are approaching very quickly. We are all in the rush for buying summer clothes, swimsuits, light dresses etc. There’s always a piece in your closet that you think it’s out fashioned. So, why not renew it? It’s always a great idea to put some money aside instead of spending them. I bet