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Easy Flower Braid Up-do

Wearing this type of hairstyle will make you feel very classy, elegant and feminine. It’s the perfect hairstyle for cocktail night, weddings or any other special occasion. It is an Easy Flower Braid Up-do we are talking about. Of course you could wear it casually just for the fun of it. I think it would

DIY Polka Dotted Denim Skirt

We all have a piece of cloth in our wardrobe that used to be our favorite, but we no longer wear it. It’s either out-fashioned, faded, it doesn’t fit us anymore. That’s why we are posting articles with a solution for everything. Today’s article is about bleach dotting. It’s very easy and it doesn’t take

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Once the ring has been sized, the dress chosen, the venue booked, and the invitations sent, brides still have one more major decision ahead of them: Wedding Hair. Finding the perfect wedding hairstyle can be a challenge with so many options for brides. From up dos to braids, wedding hairstyles come in all kinds of variations. That’s why we’ve

DIY Double Dutch Braid Bun

It’s been a while since we last posted a something about hairstyles. That’s why in today’s post we will show you how to DIY Double Dutch Braid Bun. Its looks a bit messy while doing it, so it doesn’t matter too much if you mess up. It is supposed to look like you kinda just

Fashion Goes 100 Years Back

Fashion is changing everyday in the most creative ways. We’ve seen many interesting things and some of you might have also experienced it at some point in your life. We’re taking a stylish walk down memory lane with a side-by-side look a women’s and men’s fashion from 1915 to now. Whether you like vintage dainty and