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DIY Double Dutch Braid Bun

It’s been a while since we last posted a something about hairstyles. That’s why in today’s post we will show you how to DIY Double Dutch Braid Bun. Its looks a bit messy while doing it, so it doesn’t matter too much if you mess up. It is supposed to look like you kinda just

Navy blue nail art design

It’s been a long times since our last DIY nail tutorial. I’ve recently seen a beautiful navy dress out in a store and I realized that navy is never out fashioned too. It came up to my mind that it would look great as nail art. Those cute little details are always so important and

Hair Bow Tutorials Make out of your Hair

For this post i decided to write about tutorials on how to make a bow out of your hair. Lately i can found so many interesting ways how to dress up your long hair. If you have already long or medium hair you can find very useful this diy hair bow tutorials. I’m sure you

11 Interesting And Easy Hair Bun Ideas

This post I dedicated to hair bun ideas. If you have long hair and don’t know how to wear it in a bun, here is just for you, eleven interesting and easy hair bun ideas. Some of them are simple top bun, other are decorated with some little braids, or it is good known side

DIY side updos for long hair

I’m in that group of girls that doesn’t go so often to haircut studios. So whenever i found some interesting posts on how to do it yourself nice hair style i think that I must share it also. In previous post i already shared some half-up updos, now i will put some tutorials of side