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Perfect Summer Nail Art Ideas

Recently we have been talking only about summer clothes, all kinds of DIY designs, beach clothes etc. It’s time that we pay attention to nail design, accessories, beach supplies. But, let’s take it step by step and start off with some Perfect Summer Nail Art Ideas. While preparing your best summer dress you should also

Navy blue nail art design

It’s been a long times since our last DIY nail tutorial. I’ve recently seen a beautiful navy dress out in a store and I realized that navy is never out fashioned too. It came up to my mind that it would look great as nail art. Those cute little details are always so important and

Womens jeans, how to make perfect pair with yours red clothes

There so many ways how to wear womens jeans. They just go with everything, in every occasion… Here i just posted couple of ways how to wear perfect pair of womens jeans and in addition put together with red clothes.  And the finish look will be amazing casual, elegant, all in one look with red

The Power of Red High Heels

And of course my favorite choice for high heels would be exactly red high heels. Red high heels are not just shoes, they are an attitude, a lifestyle. I don’t know for you,but I hope that everyone of you had feel the power of them. Everyone of you had feel the confidence, the wild side….

Red envelope bag for chic look

When speaking for bags i love red ones, it doesn’t matter what size or shape they are. For this post i choose bags in envelope form. I think that this kind of bag simple goes in every occasion. 1.Red envelope bag with black high heels If asking me,with wearing red envelope bag, i always feel