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DIY Bow Back T-shirt Refashion

What you need most for this unbearable summer days is something that will make you feel comfortable. In our 100th article of the 365 DIY T-shirt project we will be showing you how to DIY Bow Back T-shirt Refashion. The DIY Bow Back T-shirt Refashion is created exactly for the hot summer days. You will

Top classic summer accessories

Top classic summer accessories for women Every girl needs accessories to make it through the summer. Not everyone has the cash to invest in a whole new wardrobe every year. Refreshing up your look with a few details will allow you to try new trends. When temperatures are at their peak, look for items that combine

Urban Sloppy elegance

Urban Sloppy elegance When it comes to fashion styles, there are of all kinds. When the sun is shining everyone’s outside wearing their own style. If you look closely you’ll get to know a piece of everyone’s character just by looking at their style. You’ll recognize if they belong to the group of classics, elegant,

T-Shirt DIY redesign

There are too many ways how to reuse old stuffs that we had at home, especially when it comes  to that old t-shirts. Most of  the t-shirt are so  comfortable to wear, but when it comes from yours men closet  it can’t just fit your styling. I’ve done some investigation and  here are some interesting