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Step-by-step Bra Refashion

One of the most annoying things about buying bras is that even though they can be pretty pricey, they also tend to wear quickly. When you find a favorite bra, you wear it a lot, and it inevitably gets stretched out or dirty, no matter how often you wash it. But getting rid of a bra just

DIY Laced Home Decor

If you are the fans of lace and have lots of laces left unused at your home, why not add them to your home decoration? This is an excellent concept. Lace can not only add beauty to your home, but also bring an elegant and vintage atmosphere. Moreover, it’s cheap and easy to get. You

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Once the ring has been sized, the dress chosen, the venue booked, and the invitations sent, brides still have one more major decision ahead of them: Wedding Hair. Finding the perfect wedding hairstyle can be a challenge with so many options for brides. From up dos to braids, wedding hairstyles come in all kinds of variations. That’s why we’ve

Hamda Al Fahim’s Outstanding Dresses

It’s a big dilemma among the ladies to choose an evening/wedding dress. How can you choose only one, when all of them are simply perfect. We are always here to bring you the best evening dress collections by the famous fashion designers. So here we are today with another one. To make it at least

8 Ways To Refashion Your Wedding Dress

Whether it’s a prom dress or a wedding dress, a lot of women have that piece of formal clothing that they no longer wear. Since wedding dresses tend to have that emotional value, selling it may not be an option. This just creates clutter in your closet especially if you don’t intend to wear it anymore. Why