Unbelievably elegant Princess

If ever there is a moment that sums up what it’s to be beautiful or unbelievably elegant, it’s the lovely Grace Kelly. Her classic beauty and style kept her known worldwide. She was one of Hollywood’s golden girls. She was a model, actress and a real life Princess. That’s why today’s inspiration is the unbelievably elegant Princess Grace Kelly.

After her death, Kelly’s legacy as a fashion icon lived on. Modern designers cited her as a an inspiration. She was known for introducing the “fresh faced” look. One that involves bright skin and natural beauty. She’s remembered for her “college-girl” everyday fashion and defined simple look.

Unbelievably elegant Princess

The elegance of Grace Kelly

The unbelievably elegant Princess in the movie “To catch a thief”

Grace’s costumes were designed by Edith Head. They were close friends and Grace had become Edith’s muse. The designer broke her rules to name Grace Kelly her favorite actress. Hitchcock gave Grace more reign with clothing than he usually gave to his actresses. This allowed Edith freedom to design the costumes.

Grace (Frances) in her ice blue chiffon, with strips in a deep blue color, worn at her first encounter with Robbie. No jewelry, the style and color are suggestive enough for her character. Hitchcock wanted Edith to use cool colors to play up the idea of Frances as an ice princess.

Unbelievably elegant Princess

Grace Kelly’s blue dress

There is something simple and elegant about the dress. Much like Grace Kelly herself. It’s beautiful and graceful. This time Grace wears a diamond necklace. One of Kelly’s style virtues was that she appreciated and wore designs for their quality. This dress was the inspiration for many wedding dresses.

Unbelievably elegant Princess

Grace Kelly’s white dress

Black halterneck beach top and Capri pants covered with a white skirt open at front. A wide brimmed hat and a black turban, which was made legendary by Kelly. The main lesson we can all learn from Grace Kelly, is how to look ladylike. Grace’s minimal, yet elegant style allowed her beauty to shine through. This combination shows that perfectly.

Unbelievably elegant Princess

Grace Kelly’s black and white combination

Fashion details inspired by Grace Kelly

The Kelly bag is a leather handbag designed by Hermès International S.A. It was redesigned before being popularized and named after Grace Kelly. The bag is now an expensive status symbol. The Kelly bag is a trapezium closed with two straps. It’s made with three layers of leather, enabling it to stand on the ground. It’s sold in eight sizes. The padlock, keys and hardware are made with white or yellow gold. By the mid-1990s, a Kelly bag was priced at $3,500.

Unbelievably elegant Princess

The Kelly bag

Today Grace Kelly remains as one of the most admired women in the world for her beauty, poise and style. Her look was clean, classic and simple. She knew how to wear clothes. Her tasteful style, rare in a young Hollywood star, appealed to many in the 1950s. If you hear someone saying “Grace Kelly style”, it means it’s chic, natural and lady-like.

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