Watermark DIY T Shirt

For the 89th Day of the 365 DIY T Shirt project we chose to show you the Watermark DIY T Shirt project.

For this Watermark DIY T Shirt project you will need an old T Shirt, must be plain white, gel glue, fabric dye and a piece of cardboard.

The best thing about this project is that you can be creative to the maximum. It is a simple and easy project and the making process will take you about 15 minutes, and the drying process up to several hours.

First Step

Start this project by wetting the whole T Shirt.

The next thing you need to do is write or draw using the glue. You can write anything, your favorite quote, poem, maybe some lyrics. If you want to, you can do this with a man’s T shirt and give it to your boyfriends as a gift, write your name and draw a heart.

When you are writing on the shirt, put a cardboard in between so the letters don’t show on the back of the shirt.

The next step for this Watermark DIY T Shirt project is to let the T Shirt dry. You have to let it dry completely for a couple of hours.

Once the glue and the T Shirt are dry, it is time to dye your T Shirt.


When you are doing this step, the glue will come off. If it doesn’t, don’t worry, dye it, let it dry and when you wash it the next time, the glue will come off completely.

Here is how the finished product looks.

Watermark DIY T Shirt

Use this tutorial to make the perfect presents for your friends and family or to make the T Shirt you always wanted, but never had the money to order.

Be creative, add glitter, flowers or rhinestones. You will end up with the coolest T Shirt ever.

Credits for this Watermark DIY T Shirt project goes here.

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