Wreath Ideas in Vintage Style With Flower Decoration

I know that there are so many wreath ideas and combination on how to do wreaths, what to use, difficult choices between traditional wreaths or nontraditional wreath. I’m not an expert but i just want to post what i like, you can use either for some holiday, or some other home celebration, wreath on doors are always extraordinary perfect decoration in my opinion. Below is my today choice, elegant wreaths in brown and white, yellow or red colors, more and less vintage style with flower decoration.

First three wreath ideas are combination of brown, green and white color, and most properly to be used for weddings or engagement occasions. But the next 4 are more colorful and live ideas. Its up to you to choose the best wreath idea from your point.

wreath ideas wreath ideas

Sources for each specified number of wreath : [1], [2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7]

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